Danielle Williams

Science Teacher

Morrison High School
Higher Education Degrees
B.S., Botany, University of Arkansas M.S.,Plant and Soil Sciences, Oklahoma State University

I currently teach middle and high school in a rural school in  Morrison Oklahoma.I am fortunate to teach a variety of sciences for middle  school and I teach the life science portion of high school (Biology I and II,  Anatomy) as well as Forensics. I have been drawn to science since I was a  small child and have always had a love for plants. I was determined to earn a  Botany degree, but not all classes I needed were being offered at the time so  I sought to fill those gap in the department of Agronomy. I continued the  Agriculture path with a focus on plant stress   physiology for my Masters. After graduation I did research in a lab at  OSU and then transitioned to a field position at the University of Arkansas.  I worked in vegetable research for three years with a lot of time spent in  extension work as well. Working with others and educating different  individuals led me a career as a teacher. I wanted to introduce students to  the science and get them engaged and spark some interest.

Project Description

I am preparing a lesson for NGSS MS-LS2-5

Danielle Williams