Great Plains Grasslands Extension Partnership

Great plains grasslands extension partnership


The Great Plains Grasslands Extension Partnership is comprised of rangeland scientists and extension faculty collaborating across universities to provide  science-based information and expertise that supports citizen efforts to confront the impending collapse of the Great Plains grassland biome due to woody encroachment. The Partnership embraces a vision of sustainable grasslands that support the livelihoods and communities which depend upon them.

The Great Plains Grassland Extension partnership

Pocket Guide

The pocket guide provides an improved planning process to design grassland ecosystems that are less vulnerable to the threat of woody encroachment. The pocket guide integrates new guidelines for reducing woody encroachment with a formal planning process used to deliver conservation investments on grasslands. The goals of the pocket guide are to:

  1. Provide a field-based resource for understanding grassland risk and vulnerability to woody encroachment
  2. Detail key steps in the planning process from inventory to decision support and implementation, and
  3. Provide a suite of management options that can be used to reduce grassland risk and vulnerability to woody encroachment.

Partnership Factsheets

Rangeland Management

Integrated Pest Management for Woody Encroachment

Rangeland Management

Remove, Reduce, or Manipulate? Best Practices for Brush Management Conservation Standards in Great Plains Grasslands

Rangeland Management

Rangeland production lost to woody encroachment in Great Plains grasslands