Jason Martina

Assistant Professor

Texas State University
Higher Education Degrees
Ph.D., 2012, Michigan State University M.S., 2006, Northern Illinois University B.S., 2004, Northern Illinois University

Jason’s primary research interests involve better understanding global change phenomena in wetland and grassland ecosystems. His lab uses field, laboratory, and computational modeling techniques to test hypotheses concerning some of the most important drivers of global change, such as biological invasion, nitrogen deposition, and climate change. While his lab mainly focuses on the causes and consequences of biological invasion, they also study nutrient pollution, disturbance, endangered species, and restoration of degraded ecosystems. Currently, inTexas, his lab is investigating the environmental factors that influence the successful establishment and spread of Arundo donax (giant reed), endangered wetland species associated with Weches Glades (eastern Texas), and the effects of fertilization, disturbance, and restoration on grassland ecosystems. He completed a postdoc at the University of Michigan studying the dynamics of plant invasions and their consequences to ecosystem function in Great Lakes coastal wetlands.

Project Description
Jason Martina