Kelsey Deal

High School (10th grade) Biology Teacher

ASTEC Charter Schools
Higher Education Degrees
B.A., Biology, Baylor University; M.S., Zoology, Oklahoma State University
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Kelsey Deal teaches science at Advanced Science and Technology Education Charter (ASTEC) School inOklahoma City, OK. This is her sixth year as a high school biology teacher and she has served as the science department chair for two years. She is passionate about increasing STEM opportunities for high school students and has served asa mentor for her school’s FIRST® Robotics team for three years. She is currently a member of the Water Research, Assessment, and Networking Ecosystem(WRANE) Educator Cohort. She has also contributed to the development of state-wide science resources by working with the Oklahoma State Department ofEducation (OSDE) as a Phase I Science Framework Writer in 2021.

Project Description

My projects consists of understanding soundscapes and is divided into two parts:

  1. Students will utilize their smartphones and  the Merlin Bird ID app to ask questions and collect data on the diversity of sounds in their own areas.  

Prairie Project collaborators have generously provided sound data from an unburned pasture and a pasture that was burned in 2020. Students will use the species in these locations to model the transfer of matter and energy in the prairie ecosystem. Students will also calculate the presence and absence of a selected species in each study site by reviewing spectrograms. This evidence will be used to make and defend a claim about the role of fire in maintaining biodiversity.

Kelsey Deal