Kyle Tredinnick

Social Studies Teacher

Zoo Academy, Omaha Public Schools University of Nebraska, Omaha
Higher Education Degrees
B.S. Social Studies Secondary Education, Saint Cloud State University; MA, Geography, University of Nebraska Omaha; PhD (in progress), Geography, University of Nebraska Lincoln
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For over 14 years, Kyle Tredinnick has been a social studies teacher  at the secondary level. Presently teaching as a social studies teacher for  Omaha Public Schools, Kyle has also taught social studies at the high school  level in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and in Beijing and Shanghai in China. Along  with teaching at the secondary level, Kyle has been involved with the  teaching of geography at the post-secondary level at the University of  Nebraska Omaha where he has served as an adjunct instructor for the  Department of Geography/Geology, and as the coordinator for Dual Enrollment.  An advocate for geographic education, Kyle has served on the boards for the  Geographic Educators of Nebraska (GEON), and the National Council of  Geographic Education (NCGE).

Project Description

Kyle's project has focused on prairie restoration and preservation of  biodiversity with a focus on the tall grass prairies of Western Nebraska.  Students have been focusing on the development of the landscape and efforts  to restore portions to their native flora and fauna. Through comparing their  own yards and neighborhoods with the biodiversity present at the Glacier  Creek Prairie Preserve in Omaha students have had a hands-on appreciation for  the native flora and fauna in the region.

Kyle Tredinnick